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What internet browser should I use to access e-ReSERVe? What browser versions are supported?
Below are the recommended list of internet browsers and their browser versions to access the e-ReSERVe:
Download Google Chrome Download Mozilla Firefox Download Internet Explorer Download Safari
Google Chrome Mozilla Firefox 38 or higher Internet Explorer 11 Safari 8 or higher
Do I need JavaScript?
Yes. Please enable the JavaScript on your browser to make the system function properly.
How do I register for an e-ReSERVe account?
Accounts for student organizations are created and maintained by the Office of the Student Affairs while accounts for college/university offices are created and maintained by the Office of the Secretary-General.
I just forgot my password. How do I reset it?
For student organizations, you can call or visit the Office of the Student Affairs. For college/university offices, you can call or visit the Office of the Secretary-General.
I belong to a student organization and I want to reserve an immediate event for tomorrow. Is it possible?
No. Reservations from student organizations should be made at least 15 working days before the start of the event (excluding the filing date) to give enough time to process all the required documents and procedures to qualify a reservation for approval.
Should I submit the approval form (Student Activity Approval Form/Activity Approval Form) on or before the submission date?
Definitely. Failure to submit the respective approval form of your reservation to the concerned office on or before the submission date would deem your reservation for automatic cancellation.
How can I reserve events if my venue is not listed?
If your venue is anywhere inside the University campus, use In-Campus as your venue. If your venue is anywhere outside the University campus, use Off-Campus as your venue. You will also specify the specific venue of your event when reserving for In-Campus and Off-Campus reservations.
What is the difference between Encoding Period and Reservation Period?
Encoding Period refers to the schedule of encoding for reservations while Reservation Period refers to the dates allowed to be reserved. The Office of the Secretary-General sets the values for both Encoding Period and Reservation Period.
Can I make reservations on holidays and no-event dates?
No, except for off-campus reservations.

For any inquiries, feel free to contact us:
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